LETO eConsortium

LETO was one of the female Titanes, a bride of Zeus, and the mother of the twin gods Apollon and Artemis. She was the goddess of motherhood and with her children, a protectress of the young. Her name and iconography suggest she was also a goddess of modesty and womanly demure. Like her sister Asteria she may also have been a goddess of the night, or alternatively of the light of day.

When LETO was pregant with the twins she was pursued relentlessly by the goddess Hera, who drove her from land to land preventing her from finding a place to rest and give birth. The floating island of Delos eventually provided her with refuge. Later when she was later travelling to Delphoi, the giant Tityos attempted to abduct her, but Apollon intervened and slew him with arrows.

LETO Consortium consists of organizations that share the same passion for women, support each other initiatives and collaborate in European and International Projects. LETO members are