Patricia RochfordPatricia is recognised as a trusted adviser and leading international coach to the women and men who have the mandate to make the changes, the people at or near the top.
She has been a wise and trusted counsel at this level for more than 25 years through the two organisations she founded:
1) Rochford International, high level executive search and advisory services
2) Elite Executive Coaching
She firmly believes that the foundation of personal and professional development is based in a person’s values and that the culture and practices of an organisation are key to future achievements and success. Her clients have endorsed her outstanding listening skills, and her ability to bring clarity to the complex and multi-faceted issues in all aspects of a person’s life. Her advice and guidance is practical and able to be implemented.
Patricia’s business experience is international and across an extremely broad range of industries. Her clients in the UK, USA, Europe, Hong Kong and Australia have included family businesses, start-ups, large corporations, SMEs, professional firms, tertiary institutions, Government departments, NGOs, cultural organisations and charities.
As a leading executive search consultant, she was a trusted adviser and counsel to her C-suite clients. A trained Psychologist and Counsellor, she brings deep insight and understanding of the work environment, including the often inherent differences in approach, understanding and expectations of men and women.
Patricia was one of the first women in Australia to be appointed to a Board, and the first woman on the Board of a major Railway organisation. She was a pioneer in appointing women to senior executive roles and to Boards.
Because her experience has been across a wide range of industries and organisations, she has developed a deep understanding of how successful people and businesses work, especially in terms of values, culture, structure, people interactions and relationships.
“Patricia is one of those rare professionals you can confidently place is any situation. Her range of experience is remarkable and she really understands how organisations work. What makes her work exceptional is her ability to read the human dynamics of a situation and then make that clear and understandable. She ‘gets’ things that others do not see. As a result her clients develop in a way which fosters personal and professional growth”. Jillian Lavender

Patricia Rochford
Founder & Director
Elite Executive Coaching