Julie Marino is a businesswoman and founder of the ‘Etiquette Coach’, an educational and training company that provides a range of you tube tutorials on etiquette and manners that are designed to be relevant in the modern world.


Previously a commercial director for a global hotel internet booking company, Julie has thirty years of experience in the corporate B2B world,  advising companies on strategy, marketing and leadership.


Travelling extensively throughout Europe and the US, Julie observed a basic need amongst many very successful professionals for etiquette improvement skills and a new idea was created. Julie has always admired English etiquette and the way it shapes modern manners. Julie’s new business as the ‘Etiquette Coach’ is to share her passion and knowledge of English etiquette so everyone can gain more self-confidence in their social and business environment.

Born, educated and still living in Cambridge, Julie is married to Robert with two grown up children and one grandson, Sampson who is studying at Golf College in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Julie’s Life philosophy is that you can't have regrets. You can learn something from every experience.
The more you give in life the more you get back. Learn new skills, keep an open mind and be hungry for knowledge.


Julie's other passions are the arts, travel, dance and fashion. 

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