16 May 2018
Speakers Lunch – Speaker Jillian Lavender

Jillian Lavender is a wonderful and inspirational speaker, her presentation in itself was very calming. As a busy entrepreneur I now realise that daily meditation may release stress which inevitably builds up in all of us over time. This will enable us to be the best we can be both in business and personal life. Jillian will be running a workshop for BAWE members later in the year for which we expect a great deal of interest.

April 2018

BAWE members Hilary Farnworth, Patricia Rochford and I, Sue Scott-Horne were invited to a very good day representing BAWE at the high profile Votes 100 Women in Biz Summit organised by City and Financial Conference’s; held at The Royal Garden Hotel. It was extremely interesting and the speakers were very good, including Sophie, The Countess of Wessex who I was able to talk to about BAWE and my own Let’s Get Talking Charity. Her favourite song is ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’ very poignant for the day!

The Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP – The Chief Secretary to the Treasury spoke on Money, Women and Power, we learnt much about key developments over the last 100 years, how female leadership has changed over the last century, why a gender diverse workforce is vital for increasing productivity, innovation in businesses across the country; the gender pay gap, equality work to close the gap and new Gender pay gap reporting at the Government Equality Office, women and Technology, women in Engineering, the Suffragette movement, at last a lovely new statue is up of Millicent Fawcett one of the first Suffragists, in Parliament Square. Dr Helen Pankhurst the great granddaughter of Suffragette, Emmeline Pankhurst spoke well; she has a new book out called ‘Deeds Not Words’ that may interest some of you.

There was much more, as lots spoken about, a good lunch and refreshments. It’s so good for BAWE members to attend these events, as the networking, meeting great women, doing great things; is a good opportunity for us representing our prestigious Association. Talking about BAWE and the benefits of being a member, which we did!!

15th March 2018
Speaker Lunch – Karen Millie James

Our March event, being the first of the year, was a very inspirational with speaker/author and entrepreneur Karen Millie James. Karen is a real inspiration and having read her first novel (the second one under way) she is extremely talented. Karen never lets an obstacle get in her way, there is always a solution to a problem in her book. We welcome Karen as a member of BAWE and if you want a gripping read I would highly recommend her books,The Shadows Behind her Smile and Where in the Dark.


15th March 2017
Turkish Izikad ladies visit to London

As a Board member of BAWE Sue Scott-Horne hosted and welcomed a wonderful group of 15 Turkish IZIKAD business women to London, which they loved and some of them on their first visit! We had a great get together learning about each other’s lives, businesses and international relations; moving forward in working together and supporting each other and now we at BAWE can look forward to having new friends and already have invitation visits to Turkey!




FCEM International Congress
The Congress in Rome was wonderful, 800 women from all around the world. Representatives from the Congo, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Tasmania, Mauritius, Russia and of course many more. I met with some very influential, successful and interesting business women. Everyone was helpful and encouraging. I delivered a short speech at the Italian Senate which was met with a very positive response which is welcome in such challenging times for the UK. I would recommend our members to attend the Congresses, the next one is in Russia. Until you go you won’t appreciate the empowering experience and the strength of FCEM internationally. We have a new international President Marie Christine Oghly from France and she has appointed a board to support her from all around the globe. With this strong international representation FCEM in my view will grow stronger.

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18th October 2017
October Lunch

With around 42 in attendance we had a room full of successful business women from diverse sectors and backgrounds. There was a real buzz in the room and the feedback was very positive. Our speaker Sally Preston of Kiddylicious was an inspiration. Her journey has not been easy, however, with her determination and tenacity she has built a business with her team which is worldwide. She has taken on the dominant companies in her sector and shone.
BAWE is growing with the right membership of successful entrepreneurial business women.

IMG_5329 BAWE Group Pic IMG_5330

13 April 2017
Guardian Article

A great piece about BAWE in the Guardian

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22nd March 2017
Network Lunch

Our networking lunch at the Lansdowne Club was a great success. We decided to run this so that our members and guests could take time to find out about each other over the lunch. The feedback was wonderful with a good cross section of usiness women represented from Sheffield, Cambridge, Scotland, Cheltenham, Manchester and London. The Lansdowne Club did us proud with excellent service and delicious food. We will be arranging another event later in the year at the club.

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October 2016
Penny Haslam speaker lunch

We held a very successful event with guest speaker Penny Haslam.

A business journalist and professional speaker, Penny was recently awarded Speaker of the Year 2016 by the UK’s trade body for the speaking industry, the PSA. She coaches individuals who want to raise their profile and is a media trainer. Her career in broadcasting spans 20 years, during which time she has presented the business news on BBC Breakfast, the News Channel, and has been a regular presenter on Radio 5 Live. She’s also fronted two Panorama investigations and reported for The One Show.

Penny’s talk was extremely relevant and powerful. She described the steps we, as business owners, should take in order to be seen as the ‘go to’ EXPERTS in our specific fields. Penny demonstrated how this is a powerful way to court the media and ultimately become a trusted expert when required.

Although I have been involved in quite a bit of media over the years, Penny’s talk has given me a new focus to remain a trusted expert in the financial services sector.

We hope that Penny will run a series of workshops for our members to take this to the next stage and get in practice.
Penny Haslam and Louise Oliver