Peru Report: November 2019

Tanya Hine OBE FRSA was delighted to represent BAWE at the annual Congress in Lima, Peru.

As always, a great deal of work was done and FCEM was delighted to accept Bangladesh and Ivory Coast as Observer Countries.

The FCEM Services have expanded via the website and all events from the Member countries should now be shown. A newsletter from every country would also be welcomed and profiles of current members would be appreciated at roughly 3 per month. Just a picture and a few lines of information, this will keep the website fresh and interesting.

Tanya was delighted to pick up the FCEM prize for Ann-Maree Morrison of BAWE Scotland and the Prize giving was followed by a tree planting ceremony in the nearby Park. We were accompanied on this quite lengthy walk, carrying our National Flags, by a Brass Band.

The following dates for the World Committee Meeting in Mauritius are the 23 - 25 April 2020 and the 68th World Congress at the Hilton Bosphorus Hotel, Istanbul on the 4 – 6th November followed by the Post-congress in Cappadocia on the 7 - 9 November.

ONUDI will be signing an agreement with FCEM regarding mentoring.

On a lighter note we were honoured by a performance of the ‘Simphonia por el Peru’ an Orchestra of Children and Juveniles formed by the Tenor Diago Forres which now includes 10,000 children that are part of the programme of which 60% are girls.

Whilst the Post-congress took us to the Sacred Valley and Machu Pichu which was a magical experience we also joined the rather large march through Cusco for ‘Violence against Women’.