BAWE Summer Drinks


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Thursday JULY 4th, 2024
from 6pm to 8pm

Guest Speaker Jade Thomas

100 Cannon Street
(Entrance in Laurence Pountney Hill)

Jewellery Designer Jade Thomas is our guest speaker and she has some homework for you to prepare for the Summer Social.

What stories do your jewels tell? Perhaps it’s the piece: What it signifies, who it was from, or how you saved up for it. Perhaps it’s the wearing: It sets you apart, it’s a talking point, or it gives you super-shero confidence! … Perhaps it’s a different reason altogether.

Have a good old riffle through your safe, jewellery box (or knicker drawer) for your most significant piece of jewellery. Bring it with you on the 4th July – and tell us about it – the story of your jewel adds even more sparkle and brilliance!

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