Tereza is a TV news reporter, TV presenter, radio broadcaster and a current PR professional with over 18 years of experience as a media expert.

During her 13 years with Prima TV, Tereza worked closely with and interviewed Czech and world politicians on a daily basis. She accompanied the Czech Prime Minister to the White House to cover his Presidential meetings, and asked President Barack Obama questions for her news channel both in the Oval Office and during his state visits to the Czech Republic.

In this role, Tereza also created independent reports for daytime TV programmes and completed regular voiceover work. Tereza has written political and women’s columns for magazines and political interest websites and she is currently an official British contributor to Czech Radio and Prima TV.

Tereza is the Company Director of MP Associates of London. She is a qualified coach, and specialises in transformational coaching and finding positive, achievable outcomes based on the client’s own particular needs. She recently coached Czech politicians around positioning, and provides presentation skills training for the Government Legal Department in London and around the UK. She works with big organisations, SMEs and also helps European governments to prepare for the EU presidency.  

Tereza is a Fellow at the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts (RSA), Manufactures and Commerce and also a member of the Executive Committee at the Czech British Chamber of Commerce. Tereza is currently the Operational Director at EdPsychs Ltd.

Tereza is working on a series of children’s books which are fun and educate children about friendship, loyalty and environmental issues. They combine psychological techniques and philosophical questioning to encourage thought and debate in children and their families.

She lives with her fiancé John, and somewhat troubled cats Meowglish and Johnson, in their home in Canonbury, Islington.

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