Welcome to the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs

Acting Presidents Welcome Message
Having been a member of BAWE for over 12 years I have been charged with the privilege of taking on the role of acting President. BAWE is an organisation with a fascinating history. The members are engaged business owners from all sectors and some with international focus. The women I have met through BAWE have always been very professional and supportive in my business growth and continue to be so. My plan, with the help of the board and membership, is to organise informative and interesting events, ensure dialogue with the membership as well as social networking.
BAWE is a wonderful platform and I am delighted that I became a member of the group at a time when I was looking for likeminded business women to meet with. It is not all about business however, I have forged some long term friendships via BAWE and I am delighted to be given the opportunity to lead the organisation.


An Association run by Women Entrepreneurs, for Women Entrepreneurs.

Being a member of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs isn’t just about belonging to a long standing and esteemed organization, although this has its advantages! It’s about belonging to an exclusive women’s business network, a network designed for women entrepreneurs who are looking to build high growth, globally recognized, sustainable and profitable businesses.

The British Association of Women Entrepreneurs is committed to helping you ensure you have the skills, knowledge and global contacts to make your vision happen. Bottom line is that it’s up to you. We’d like to help you make it happen.

Our motto as stated by Madame Dutry, founder of BAWE is “Individually We Are Invisible, Together We Are Invincible”.

What does the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs offer?

  • Automatic membership to the FCEM World Association of Women Entrepreneurs [60 countries represented] (www.fcem.org)
  • A women’s network focussed on optimising your business opportunities including international trade opportunities
  • Training and Development programmes via the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs’ ‘Aspiration’ Programme
  • A place to promote your business success, business opportunities
  • A peer group that will challenge you and support you
  • Regional, national and international conferences
  • A place to lobby


Upcoming Events

Credibility killers and pitching Norton House Hotel - Edinburgh,
May 17, 2017 6:30 pm


22nd March 2017
Networking Lunch
Our networking lunch at the Lansdowne Club was a great success. We decided to run this so that our members and guests could take time to find out about each other over the lunch. Read more >