About BAWE Membership


BAWE members have the opportunity to attend any of our exclusive events hosted by a number of inspiring guest speakers.


Our members-only social network enables connection and learning with like-minded women.


Membership provides access to the FCEM World Congress of Women Entrepreneurs – a global marketplace with perfect positioning for any manner of products and services.


Members have exclusive access to our online Clubhouse, which allows you to view and book upcoming events, Read, Listen, and Watch informative content, access BAWE Connect, your Member Benefits, and more.


There is the opportunity for all members to be profiled across our social media channels as well as on the BAWE website where we showcase our members’ stories.


Members receive a 10% discount on BAWE Workshop Events with an option to invite 3 guests a year at the same rate.


BAWE Members can offer and receive discounts on products and services from other BAWE members and partners.

We've been supporting women entrepreneurs since 1953.

Now we're here to support you.

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BAWE Associate

For Start-Ups
£250per year
  • Is this membership right for you? BAWE welcomes a 10% intake of business start-ups. To qualify, applicants must be in their first 3 years of a business in which they have capital risk or shareholding.
  • Full access to all BAWE Member Benefits

BAWE Corporate

For Women in Corporate Roles
£450per year
  • Is this membership right for you? We see it as crucial that we work together in order to ensure the furtherance of women not only in developing their own companies but also to reach the top positions, we, therefore, offer a 10% membership intake to those in corporate roles.
  • Full access to all BAWE Member Benefits