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About BAWE

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We are the only entrepreneurial network specifically for women with capital at risk. The membership comprises of both founders and directors with highly valuable connections who can offer advice and support across all business genres. BAWE (that’s us) is a member of FCEM, the largest international women entrepreneurs network in the world.

BAWE bridges a vital gap. We are not transactional – as an organisation, we are not for profit – but we are not a charity either, so members benefit through meeting a diverse cross-section of women with whom they can network, support, grow and learn.

This is a peer group for women entrepreneurs who want to challenge and be challenged. Our aim is to support the empowerment of women entrepreneurs not only to be great but to be exceptional!

We are looking for forward-thinking women entrepreneurs who recognise the power of collaboration in business.

We are aiming to generate positive energy for the female leaders of today and be a powerhouse for those of tomorrow.

So if you are looking for a women’s business network that will challenge, support, celebrate and promote you, then the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs is the perfect place for you.

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