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Julia Goodman founded Personal Presentation Ltd in 1989.  In the 30 years since, she has evolved the pioneering You brand philosophy and methodology, which are rooted in the psychology, science and techniques of the professional Theatre. Her work ranges from coaching people to perform with impact as their natural selves in formal situations, to helping them to engage in meetings or one-to-one conversations with self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Julia and her team have helped countless women (and men!) to transform their profile and visibility.  


As Julia says, “This isn’t just for work – it’s for your life!”

Julia has worked with Chairmen, CEOs and senior people across a wide range of business sectors, and Personal Presentation has a blue chip client list that reflects the real competitive edge and the human value that the work brings.

Her book: 'You brand: a Manual for Confidence'

Video masterclass: 'You brand: Confident Anywhere'

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